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Product Code: KD052
12,63 USD
Red Rose with choice of foliage placed in a glass vase.
Product Code: KD061
12,63 USD
Azelia available in different colours.
Product Code: KD053
12,63 USD
This pretty Cyclamen is sure to make someones day. Colours are avalible.
Product Code: KD013
Vase of Chrysanthemums
14,31 USD
Chrysanthemums assortment with solidester placed in a glass vase.
Product Code: KD062
Lilies Bouquet
15,15 USD
Gerbera, Lilies and Roses with a choice of foliage is finished perfectly with a compliment...
Product Code: KD020
Chrysanthemums- Carnation Arrangement
15,99 USD
Chrysanthemums,Lilies, Gerbera and Carnations with a choice of foliage.
Product Code: KD067
15,99 USD
Spatihiphyllum 45 cm bloom reliably indoors ideal for the home or office.
Product Code: KD056
Gerbera and Rose Bouquet
17,68 USD
Gerbera and Rose Bouquet with an assortment of complementing greenery. This Bouquet will m...
Product Code: KD058
Rose Arrangement
18,52 USD
11 Roses arranged in a glass vase. A beautiful choice for someone special.
Product Code: KD027
Roses - Chrysanthemums
18,52 USD
Roses - Chrysanthemums arranged in a stylish wooden basket. Accsesories may change due to ...
Product Code: KD030
Irıs-Chrysanthemums Arrangement
19,36 USD
Irıs and Chrysanthemums with solidester in a stylish wooden basket.
Product Code: KD019
Lilies-Gerbera Bouquet
19,36 USD
Lilies,Gerbera and Roses with a choice of foliage.

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